Our Founder

Stan Mathias is the founder and president of Hidden Harvest International. After working on staff for a large ministry from 1988 to 1994, the Lord directed Stan to enter his own full-time ministry in 1995. From day one of his ministry, the call of God on his life has always been to take the gospel to Far East Asia. Moving to Taiwan in 1996 with zero ministerial contacts, he pioneered one of the largest bible schools in the nation where over 51 different churches sent a leader or representative to attend. 

In 2002, the Lord directed Stan to focus his ministry. This focus resulted in the simple beginnings of 4 house church bible schools that grew into over 1,000 schools and 13,000 pastors being trained with over 2.5 million people under those pastors. Even while making a huge impact in the house churches the Lord began His true master plan for Stan’s life, “Reaching the completely unengaged and unreached people groups in the Far East.” The Lord’s “Hidden Harvest.” 

Hidden Harvest International is now involved with over 3 million unreached people in some of the most remote parts of East Asia. For over 18 years, Stan has been steadfastly faithful to carry out Gods plan on his life of taking the gospel to Far East Asia and is fully focused on reaching the Hidden Harvest in that region for years to come. 

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